Daily Archives: January 25, 2014

Bill Mitchell and Randall Wray

You probably won’t see Profs Mitchell and Wray on the Mainstream Media anytime soon.  Even the BBC with its reputation for being on the liberal/left hasn’t shown any real interest in explaining how the Economy really works. Instead the BBC’s ‘expert’ economists trot out the usual line without explaining what really goes on.

The BBC have Professors like Brian Cox who jump around the world with amazing speed talking about distant Galaxies and Quasars etc but if you’re interested in Economics and are  looking for an explanation of, say, why the 2008 crash occurred you can forget it. All you’ll get is that there was a big party beforehand and when it finished everyone had a hangover and had to clear up the mess. Is that the best they can do?

So the question is if Profs Mitchell and Wray are talking nonsense, or the kind of sense that gives the game away. You can decide. There’s a series of 3-4minute talks on youtube of which these are the first 5.